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    Episode 88

    Mr. Mcdreamy in the Romance Instance

    • Alias100% Subdued/Heaven Instance Dungeon: Steal the Handsome Guy's Heart/Heaven Instance Dungeon: Watch Me Strategizing About the Male God/Paradise Instance Dungeon: Watch Me Attacking the Male God/Tian Tang Fu Ben Kan Wo Gong Lve Nan Shen/Tiān Táng Fù Běn Kàn Wǒ Gōng Lüè Nán Shén/天堂副本 看我攻略男神/天堂副本看我攻略男神/천사, 그를 탐하다
    • StatusComplete
    • AuthorSNAP
    • Update2024-03-23
    • LatestEpisode 88
    • CategoryHarem Romance Supernatural Counterattack One-night Stand Demons System Boys’ Love LGBT+
    • DescriptionThe Tsundere best actor has time travelled to the Celestial Realm and become the most gorgeous and sensitive angel. His mission is to earn more "libido" by winning the hearts of countless hunks in the Instance Zones... Alas, I'm a true expert in seducing men...

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