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    Chapter 24

    Stranger Than Friends

    • AliasLess Than Others,Namboda moshan sai,No Better Than Strangers,不及他人的关系,남보다 못한 사이
    • CategoryYaoi Comedy Drama Romance Mature Manhwa Smut Korean
    • LatestChapter 24
    • StatusOnGoing
    • AuthorYeoro,Sagold
    • Update2021-09-07
    • Description
      Yi-hyeok and Inseo have been friends for their entire lives. It’s something they take for granted. Just like the sky is blue and water is wet, the two of them are lifelong buddies. Or, well, that’s what they think right up until the moment Inseo kisses Yi-hyeok as a joke that turns into something more, sparking a whole new scorchingly hot relationship between them. It might be pretty funny, really steamy, and a little strange...but they’re still friends. Right? …Right?!

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