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    Chapter 268

    Sweetheart V5: The Boss Is Too Kind!

    • Alias/甜心V5:BOSS宠之过急
    • CategoryAction Comedy Drama Fantasy Romance Supernatural Historical
    • LatestChapter 268
    • StatusOnGoing
    • AuthorChina Reading,Hua Er Bao
    • Update2021-06-25
    • DescriptionJing Yiren was a proud and talented 14-year-old princess. One night, she was transmigrated, and she became the 19-year-old wife of the Lu Conglomeration's President. This sudden change would test every fiber of her being! For his part, Lu Ming now has to deal with a wife who is wholly confused by her new station in life. In the face of such problems, he can only get through to her with his actions

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